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My First Celebrity Client

    Welcome to my first official blog. As you all know I have been providing massage therapy under my own practice for 3 years now and provided massage therapy in general for 5 years.  I've had the absolute privilege to meet with each and everyone of my valuable clients and develop a professional yet close relationship to you all.  I couldn't be anymore blessed.
     But then again, I had the privilege to meet with my very first celebrity client. His name is Gabriel Iglesias.  He is very well known to his fans around the world as "The Fluffy Guy" or just simply "Fluffy".  He's a latino comedian with over 10 years experience of bringing lots of laughter and joy to all of his fans. 
     I had the opportunity to attend to one of "Fluffy's" comedy shows here in Sacramento, Ca. back in May 2011.  It was an absolute blast; simply outstanding.  At the end of the show I met with Gabriel to take a group photo along with my best friend, Patricia.  As soon as I walked up, he asked me if I happen to be the massage therapist, and of course I responded, "Yes".  (We actually follow each other on Twitter by the way.)  He immediately asked for my business card and also requested a small sample of my firm grip hands.  He was absolutely impressed.  He was in serious need to find a good massage therapist that could provide a good sports massage to keep the adrenaline going before going on stage; as well as to relieve the everyday tension on his neck, shoulders as well as his knees. 
    Gabriel has experienced many years of difficult challenges regarding his health which has lead him to deal with unexpected medical attention with his knees and as well as his blood sugar levels leading to diabetes.  He's dealt with the discomfort and physical pain for so many years of his adult life.  He's tried many medical and non-medical treatments such as accupuncture and different massage techniques on a consistant basis.  The constant traveling due to his gifted line of work also cause even more physical stress with his neck and his lower back.  Bottom line, he was in a lot of pain yet his spirit is so strong with happiness; filled with love and laughter for all of his fans. 
   I received a phone call from Gabriel requesting to make a couple of 60 minute appointments, one for himself and another for one of his good friends.    I was able to provide Gabriel with a sports massage which  was beneficial in relieveing the pain and discomfort on his knees that he was ready to go on for his next comedy act.  He enjoyed it so well, he couldn't wait to tell his other comedian buddies about this experience; and because of  that result, I was able to book one more appointment with one of them the very next day.  Gabriel felt absolutely thankful and blessed to find a therapist that was willing to care for his needs in healing and wellness.
      About two weeks later, around memorial day weekend, I received an email from Gabriel while preparing for a show in Nevada and stated that he was flying into Sacramento and  requested to book another 60 minute massage.  It was pretty last minute,  but it was worth having that opportunity come to me again.  All he wanted was to just relax and just let go of the emotional stress of a hard day's work.  He was very well pleased with the result of his massage that he described it as "An amazing massage that's worth much more than my price value".  I was absolutely touched by his feedback when he told me that my prices are way below my value of skill and experience.
    Of course I can't forget to mention that his satisfaction of my massage technique was so grand that he already reserved two whole dates in the month of August for more massages for himself and for his entire enterauge.   It has always been one of my dreams to have a celebrity of any status as my client.  I can't help but to thank God for this blessing and for giving me the gift of healing.  Thank You Fluffy!! It's an honor and a true pleasure to be your therapist.

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Kristin Prasad on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 1:03 PM
You truly are the best massage therapist I've come across here in Sacramento. And Fluffy's right, what you charge is way below your value of skill. So glad I found you :)
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Alpha Steffenson on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 6:15 AM
Reading this article about the celebration of Massage Experiences of your first Clint sounds very please to me. Your massage therapy is really very effective. I should experience this. Thanks! :)
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Mackgiver Denim on Tuesday, January 01, 2013 11:49 PM
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Guillermo Marcus on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 7:49 PM
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